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After our constructive involvement with the Chinese authorities, have decided to concetrate the next period for a rural school-project in China. Our method is to develop projects and coordinate them by analysing the shareholders needs. After that we suggest ideas & concepts, establish needed networks, coordinate fields of responsibilities, find local training and education offers, scan to minimize environmental impact in Biological and find often IT. solutions. It is a big help that you make optimal preparations and sometime accept changes.

As in one project we claim "No Technology transfer - without Information transfer" :

Our projects have big scale ambitions:

We start in small scale with a pilot project as in this example project in Kunming, China; we send whole IT-class-rooms with all needed such as tables, chairs, wheelchairs and of cause renovated specialized computers as examples to an established local community , that'l be optimized and presented to decition-makers. Subsequently, we intend to forward thousends of computers from local doners after renovation and  specialization by local trained supporters to local beneficials of schools and companies in low-tech areas. This is possible due to the change to a low-demanding operative system that extent the efficient life-time of the computers, which also consider the environment 

E-mail to


To give you the best service, you are welcome to contact us by E-mail, and we'll contact you in the best language for you.

We have the following mother tongues:

Peter Larsen     English

Liao Dong         Chinese

Philip Ghodade   Farsi

Phillip Bøgh       Danish

But also the following written languages we'll try to service:

German, Norwegen, Swedish, French, Arab and Swahili.

(All speaks & write Danish and English beside).


att. manager Phillip Boegh
Frederiksberggade 6; 2nd. floor (Strøget)
DK-1459 København K
Denmark (Europe)

Phillip S.BøghContact directly to Phillip Sc. Bøgh use the Email above.

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