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Around the collection of equipment

For the training purposes of the user group & supporter network
for the presentation OS Exploratorium and
for the final beneficials of , we need to collect at least examples of computers that will be well-optimized using the highly tweakable Linux operative system.

Later, it is our ambition that the user-groups & supporter network themselves do collect and get the equipment distributed to low-tech companies and less well-off schools especially to rural areas that may be isolated from information and high technology.
The donations may derive from either donors of countries who through away large numbers of equipment or from local sponsors, who may promote themselves in rural areas. Common is that we need to encourage them to donate the equipment in a state as functional as possible. Again later also new computers e.g. that is connected with robots or Linux embedded equipment is appreciated for convincing presentations.
However when we collect older computers, a number of these may still need renovation. For the collecting process, for the renovation, for optimizing specialized computers for local needs, for distribution, for support and for the project to be organized in a large scale the project needs professional handled, which will create many jobs and progress to the area involved. Consequently, for the coordination you'll need ;-)

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