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UNDER DEVELOPMENT just NOW: 10th of June to 10th of August and then updating.

To support set-up of IBM convertible computers including Mackintosh PowerPC, these guidelines are intended easy for even newcomers. When this page is fully build, we like to guide you to the installation, optimization, specialization and rescue processes (including prevention and manual references) step by step.  The purpose is focused of the users special needs for the end result more than the process - so eg. special language needs and office use will be the end setup-product of this particular 'office' computer. Nevertheless, all computers need to be guided through different processes to reach every end purpose - often by referring to traditional links of the distributions. And you'll continuously learn through this process to get your favor computer.
When this is said, this section will be the remote supported and we try to relate it especially to computers that are set-up with basic Ubuntu and presently with the Breezy and Dapper distribution. Many tips & tricks can be used for other Debian computers too and even used for more deviating Linux distributions after adaption to their different installation and upgrading procedures.

For a survey of the ideas of this IT-project go to the example of our present projects

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