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Welcome to's  analyses

Analyzes in other aspects than the example project still need to be documented, but how we initially have analyzed the options of the example project are apparent from the text below.

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The analyzes:

In the projects we considered to send the computers directly to beneficial, but to get efficient work out of  renovated computers, we needed to analyze the situation carefully.
We have received a bright question from countries that may even produce computers themselves: Are computers needed to be send to the destination - after all? YES that we believe - but why? :
IF the country has already plenty of computers, a need of EXAMPLES how to extend the life of these computers both for the environmental sake and for efficiency purposes. When the computer of the country itself are getting not-efficient with one operative system the change to the Linux operative system is even more obvious. A presentation to the public and especially to the decision makers is needed to show off the major advantages to gain with specialized Linux computers.
IF the country needs nomerious renovated computers to poor or low-tech areas in a period a large number of computers can be donated from the throwaway societies. These societies even have not them self recognized the profit they lose and the spared environment they gain if they just change operative system to optimal specialized Linux.  The donation should be restricted to a time limited period until enough computers are inside the country.

B. Before arriving to an area we'll search for an existing relevant network who can help the final beneficials to use the equipment optimal. A network has been found around a resource-rich company -like in our project in Ghana, around secondary school -as our project in Greenland, around commercial net-cafees - as our project in Burundi or we established such around a Linux User Group -like the one we initialized in Kunming, China through our traveling initiative of the KunmingLUG. These are further connected to other networks for training including Universities, schools and for distribution and local involvement like environment groups. Transportation permissions are gained through the Embassies of the countries.

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