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The LUG Traveling initiative 

- exemplified in Kunming, China

The Kunming Linux User Group  (LUG) started up August 18th, 2005 as a budding of this Travelling Initiative of*. These new city-LUGs are issued with renovated computers, which they can optimize and pre-install for their own practice and later they can help to spread the Linux PCs to schools, farms and low-tech companies in rural areas. The* company likes to back-up with coordinating and establishing training support for the new LUGs. KunmingLUG has like any Linux User Group set the goal of facilitating & promoting the use of Linux and to develop further Linux applications to contribute to the international Open Source Society. To motivate and ease both purposes the KunmingLUG establishes internal & external communication between members and to the puplic such as creating a homepage, a wiki, a Linux-chatroom, create public meetings and present different optimized Linux embedded equipment and computers (as in the OpenSource (OS) Exploratorium**). So far we are 21 members, the organisation is established with a president (Dong Qin), a coordinator for application development (Victor E. Roetman), a student in charge of homepage & the cooperation to the University (Liu Shuang) and me as an initiator & sparring partner (Phillip Bøgh,*). The Foreign Affairs of the Yunnan administration, the and the Chinese Embassy in Denmark have recognized the idea positively, The KunmingLUG has a:

1.Wiki at Please visit this web site for further information!

2.A LumaQQ chatroom on the adress: 6966421

3.For personal technical assistence we'll meet at The Hump 

4.We have received an option to make a presentable room at Yunnan University school of software.

use the Yunnan University Linux bbs at: & at The Hump.

The company ** works international like in Denmark. Wherever we find no LUG, our vision is to establish one for self-support, where we find no presentation agents for Linux we´ll try to create communication and an OS Exploratorium** in the cooperation with local LUGs, and high level education institutions (such as the School of Software at Yunnan University). Often helping students in computer-english. request donations for our support effort from the fast growing commercial Linux-industry and donor organisations.

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