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Welcome to's  IT-Home

In the menu above, we link you to the general main operations of our IT-Projects
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In the menu to the left, we link you to detailes of one 
example of our present project
   1. the ideas of the project and 2. how we put these into practice :v)

   1. The ideas of our *present project is to help :
  • more people of low-tech areas to obtain information - by giving them access to computers and computer-training.
  • a more efficient use of Information Technology (IT) - by education & self-reliant training.
  • with support and give remote technical guidelines to the local network on-line.
  • show off the safe, optimized and specialized computers to local decision makers and partners.
  • a better association between IT and environmental resources.

    2. The ideas put into practice. For that we :
  • Collect and distribute pre-installed example computers and embedded equipment from Denmark to low-tech areas starting in the Yunnan province of China followed by forwarding local renovated equipment to schools & low-tech companies.
  • Educate & Establish networking around local IT-users to do further installment and development themselves in cooperation with universities and companies
  • Offer IT-support online for install, rescue and optimization of computers.
  • Present and promote the renovated and new computers with high-tech facilities in presentable rooms. That is the OS-Experimentarium.
  • Extend the efficient life-time and reduce energy-consumption of computers to decrease pollution.

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